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1. Prevention and treatment of Marekes and Avian Leukosis. 2. Prevention of E. coli and Salmonella infection. 3. Prevention of Bacterial inflammation. 4. Strong antioxidant activity better than vitamin E and Selenium or Mg. 5. Faster growth and improved Feed quality. 6. Control free radical formation and its activity. 7. Immune enhancement and better quality increased protein containment. 8. Greater ...



Increased milk production with productivity duration. During pregnancy replenished of calcium. Alleviation of delivery or parturition problem. Reduce the tendency of Milk-fever and Kitosis.



Zeolite is the main ingredient of Aquaride acts (chakoni) molecular sieve that refined all the harmful elements in the water. During the creation of pond sprinkle the Aquaride after drying up the water remove soil stink and kill the soil bacteria and virus.



* Higher quality of the fresh poultry meat. * More stable carcass fat with a longer shelf life. * Less drip loss after slaughter. * Control of carcass quality. * sudden death are observed again and again in broilers, especially those that are growing rapidly and appear to be healthy. The reason is thought to be the high percentage of ...

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